WWE’s Social media presence!

Here is a video a few college friends and I have put to together to highlight the great Social Media presence of the WWE. Hope you all enjoy!





Never fear Dave, the Marketer is here!!! Today i’m going to discuss Re-Marketing and is it a good thing or are we just creeping out consumers?

(c) bluefountainmedia.com

(c) bluefountainmedia.com


To explain what Re-marketing is and how it works here is a good video from Google Ads



Sounds great right? But, lets break down some of what was said in that great video from Google. The mega force behind Re-Marketing. Google claims that Re-Marketing is useful because people get distracted easily and when something unexpected comes up, they might leave your site and forget to return later. Yes, that is possible but, it’s also possible (and probably more likely) that they left your site because they just didn’t like or want what you were offering. So why chase after customers who don’t want your product?


Through Re-Marketing we can follow our customers all over the Internet and remind them of the great products or services they were looking at before. Kinda like a bad first date who won’t leave you alone three weeks later. Who wouldn’t want that? Ok, that example might be over the top. But, you get the point! Search Engine Land contributor Brad Geddes did a great piece called “Are you creeping out your customers with Re Marketing“. The following is a quote from the article.

” I did an experiment today. I went to eight sites I suspected of not controlling their ads well. Then I wandered around the Web for an hour. Six of the eight sites showed me more than 100 ads in less than an hour.”  

Now I don’t want to seem completely against Re-Marketing. In fact it can be a great tool for Marketers. But, if done wrong it can creep out consumers and annoy them. Just like Cami here in this video.


Thanks for reading. Dave, the Marketer.







Music and Blogging. How to do it right!

I’m going to keep this short and sweet. Donald Glover (Childish Gambino) has the coolest blog ever!

I really shouldn’t be surprised, his latest tour The Deep web tour is sponsored by WordPress and is a interactive experience where people who go to the concert have to download an app to fully experience the concert.

(c) dmaclub.com

(c) dmaclub.com


With people being able to download music for free, artists are having to offer much more then just music. Interactive concerts, visual experiences and even a online screen play to go along with his newest album ‘Because The Internet’ are all marketing strategies Donald Glover has been doing to promote his newest album. Gambino even released a 20 minute prelude mini movie to promote his album. That’s a lot of visual content for your consumers!


With this newest blog and “music experience” Donald Glover has taken one small step for an artist but, one huge step for the music industry!


Thanks for reading! Dave the Marketer.



Will.i.am and his not so SmartWatch!


Will.i.am can make some cool music but, he clearly isn’t much of a marketer! As if 99% of viewers of ‘The Voice’ didn’t think the show was real, now they can be certain with this pretty lame attempt of product placement! Of course I’m Dave the Marketer and I should notice these things but I can be pretty sure the average viewer isn’t this easily fooled either!

The average viewer must be thinking who let Will.i.am on set without checking his phone/watch (whatever it is) was off or at least silent? Why doe’s Cheryl Cole (Tweedy, whatever her name is) think she can just call Will.i.am while he is on national television? But the most baffling thing I took from all of this was, why doe’s Will.i.am think consumers want a watch that can call people when you can get a smart phone that can tell the time and basically do whatever you want it to do?

Meh, can’t be as bad as ‘Man of steel’ I suppose.


Anyway to find out more about Will.i.am’s crazy new idea then you should read this from Mashable


Thanks for reading! Dave the Marketer.


“A Fad, is a fashion that is taken up with great enthusiasm for a brief period of time; a craze.” – thefreedictionary.com.

Keeping this in mind Snapchat will soon reach its third birthday. Considering the times we live in today, an instantaneous society where consumers are always looking new information and new products. This is a great achievement in my opinion. Think of some of the other apps or games that have come in gone in the last year. Flappy Bird, Tinder and 4 pics one word were all the flavour of the month in the digital world. But, Snapchat survived. In the following blog I will be explaining why Snapchat is here to stay.



It’s Personal 

When you share a photo on Instagram, you’re broadcasting to the world. When you share a photo or video on Snapchat, you’re sharing a moment with chosen friends. This is a much more personal experience. Many celebrities have fallen victim to sharing photos to the wrong person, on the wrong platform.


Lazy generation

My father make’s a personal mission of his to, everyday remind me why my generation are lazy. Phrases such as “We had no phones in my day!” and “I used to jog 2 miles to go to football training!” now just go in one ear and out the other. But Honestly, I can’t disagree with him. We are lazy. We don’t even like to put in the effort of talking to people on the phone. We can now just send a Snapchat to a friend and communicate with ease. So the question is, if a picture says a thousand words then, why talk when you can just Snapchat?


New Marketing opportunities

Another reason I believe Snapchat is here for the long haul is that I believe that there are some opportunities for us Marketers! I hear at least once a day in college the phrase “interact with consumers”. If you ask me, the possibilities to interact with consumers are endless. We hear a lot about how mobile is now becoming our first screen, taking over the PC so why not capitalize on it? Is there a possibility that consumers will get annoyed when every business jumps on the bandwagon? Yeah of course just look at MySpace but, if I was given a discount code for my favorite shop through Snapchat every week, I wouldn’t be deleting the app anytime soon.

This Youtube vlog describes how Businesses can capitalize on the Snapchat.


The numbers don’t lie

Here are some interesting stats from businessinsider.com

  • Snapchat has an ultra-youthful user base. In one survey, three times as many teens aged 13 to 18 reported using Snapchat as 19- to 25-year-olds did. The teen demographic is extremely difficult to reach.
  • Snapchat has grown fast. Earlier this year, the company revealed that its users are sending 350 million photos daily, as many as are being uploaded on Facebook


So there you have it, just some of the reasons why I believe Snapchat isn’t a Fad. Of course does this mean Snapchat will be here forever? Probably not. Mobile is constantly changing and so are consumer’s wants and needs. The key for Snapchat will be how it evolves with the times.

Thanks for reading, Dave the Marketer.




Why businesses should Blog!

Why should businesses blog? It’s a good question and once again Dave the Marketer has the answers!

The other day one of my lecturer’s was talking to us about the benefits of blogging. It was an interesting class but, it got me thinking. So of course me being the loud, outspoken type I had to ask the lecturer a question. “Sorry, but don’t you think Twitter has taken over blogging?” The lecturer looked bemused. As if to say “how dare he ask such a question?” The lecturer defiantly replied “No” and carried on with the lecture. ‘Fair enough’ I thought to myself and waited until I got home to do some of my own research and find out why businesses should blog.


1. It helps to drive traffic to your website.

Updating your business blog can be a lot better for your search engine optimization. Search engines are always looking for new content which can be found by updating a blog as oppose to a website which might not always be updated. This is explained very well on steamfeed.com


(c) andreabolder.com

(c) andreabolder.com


2. Establishes the business as an expert

If your business starts a blog it will make your business seem legitimate. For example, if your business is a used car dealership and you start writing a blog about used cars people will associate you and your business as experts.


3. Retains customers

Customer retention is just as important as getting new customers. If you can interact with customers through your blog then you are building a relationship with them.


The last two points were summed up well with this video



4. Helps improve sales

quicksprout.com has some interesting statistics when it comes to blogging


  • 61% of consumers have made a purchase based on a blog post that they read.
  • 60% of consumers feel positive about a company after reading its blog.
  • 70% of consumers learn about a company through its blog versus ads.


So after doing my research I can finally conclude that business’s should blog. If only you use your blog to improve search engine optimization then your business should blog.


Thanks for reading. Dave the Marketer.




Connecting your brand to a major event!

El Classico is on tonight and Beats by Dre have done a great job at capitalizing on the hype around the event by making this youtube video!

Not too bad eh? This is quite similar to the original advert with NBA legend Kevin Garnett.

If your smart, you can attach your brand to any event!